Teaching Interest

Teaching Interest

Dissemination of knowledge and imparting the younger souls with correct, right and adequate information has always been my passion and this has engrossed my vision over the years.

I started my teaching career as a Graduate Assistant with the responsibilities of taking tutorials, preparing lecture materials, slides, marking assignments, tests and examination booklets for a very large class. During these years, my keen observation on students commitment to their study has greatly informed my teaching style. In my teaching life that has spanned through decade, my approach to any course or topic has always been setting the general overview of the course with the learning objectives being stated at the beginning of the lesson. This is subsequently being followed with engagements through class works, group discussion and quizzes to expand their horizon through critical and analytical thinking connecting theory with practical making use of real life examples.  Referrals to useful textbooks, journals and other academic materials for further study, weekly continuous assessment and getting feedbacks has always been my practice over the years. 

My experience using participatory and engagement has been wonderful. In one of my structural analysis classes where I taught "Analysis of statically determinate structures", I could remembered that the subject was approached with what structure was all about and a clear distinction between the determinate and indeterminate structures, objectives of the structures and the components of the structure. This was further explained by making students realized objective of analysis, what the analysis was all about and the sources of loads taking place on structures. This approach was greatly appreciated by students because the lesson was not abstract and the practical illustrations widened their understandings.

In addition to classroom teaching, teaching materials in form of lecture notes, slides, relevant textbooks, links to further studies, assignments are also being posted on weekly basis with an emphasis that such practice will make them better student and allow them to have good command of the topics.

As a teacher, my work does not end when the class ends, this is because I operate open door policy to my students to seek for clarification on any unclear areas. There are some average shy students who will not ask or participate in the classroom due to phobia for people, by coming around after the classroom has always given them opportunity to be on the same page with others.

From my earlier days of Graduate assistant, now a senior lecturer with a seat of professional cadre in view, I have unofficially taking self-assessment from my undergraduate and postgraduate students about my teaching methods. Some of their negative comments have been that " I talked very fast", course content in two to three hours are too loaded for quick assimilation and poor visibility of the blackboard due to the size of the classroom, these comments have been worked upon. I am being restrained to comment about their positive comments but they have been wonderful and I am greatly delighted.

Apart from classroom teaching, counseling and mentoring is also my passion. I have served as departmental academic advisers for years and academic advisers to students associations. I have guided and mentored a good number of students on their final year project, theses, group reports and seminars on different areas of specialization.

On a final note and in order to improve myself in becoming a more effective and efficient in what I do, I am always be attending educational and professional developmental courses to improve my skills, knowledge and understanding so as to always become relevant and up-to-date.

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